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3 min readSep 21, 2021


This article will be the first of a long journey and will kick off our communication campaign to share our vision and goal for Sonar in the coming months/years.

We’ve mainly use Twitter and Discord to communicate with you (our users) so far but we think it is time to create a better communication channel in which we will go further into sharing our vision, ideas, opinions to help people understand what is Sonar about and also what we want to bring to Solana.

Before doing that, a proper presentation is required, let’s share with you a quick story about Sonar.

How Sonar started

Some of you might have seen someone in April chatting on Solana Discord about a tool he recently made by himself.

Olivier introduce Sonar to Solana Discord on French Community

This man is Olivier, he first discovered Solana in early 2021 after some bad (fees) experience with Ethereum. As an engineer and developer, Olivier was always the “Go to product” kind of man. We lost count of how many (brilliant) project he started to cover an issue he ran over. As soon as he experienced a pain point, he needed to solve it.

The first pain point was fees, he quickly solved it by switching on Solana.
The second pain point was tracking, he quickly solved it by introducing Sonar.

Olivier is a DeFi user like all of us. As a DeFi user, as soon as he started putting funds in some protocols/projects he directly wanted to track them all at once. Then he simply thought “why not make a tool of my own?” and started to put the work.
Few weeks after, Sonar was born. Homepage

Then comes the rest of the team:
- Guillaume is Olivier close friend since they’ve done university together and ran many projects together, he fell in love with the tool and wanted to help out to make the project a success.
- Victor is a crypto enthusiast since 2017 and also a close friend with the rest of the team, and obviously the first fan of Sonar!

We are now 3 close friends working on Sonar every single day to make this tool something great, something perfect, something that will truly help users in their DeFi journey on Solana. We manage to do so over the last 6 months, but what a race it was!

Every day is different from the other and each day the community still amazes us by their support and feedbacks. Without our first users, their commitment, their enthusiasm for the project, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

You are our best communication channel and we can’t thank you enough for that.

Over the next weeks/months we will push Sonar to a new level to keep on fulfilling one single goal.

Make the user journey on Solana DeFi a better world

Stay tuned on Medium, Twitter and Discord.

Sonar Team.




SonarWatch is a tracking dashboard on multiple blockchains that aims to show on a single page all financial investments of a user. More at