SonarWatch Monthly update 01.22

3 min readJan 28, 2022


Hard shipping, integrations, interaction, community events, bear market, let’s dive into a small recap of what happened during January 2022.

🥇First, Happy New Year! 🎊

First thing first, happy new year!
2021 was amazing, for us and for the Solana ecosystem, a ton of impressive projects and new people coming into this amazing world of DeFi.

Here is a small recap of the year 2021 for SonarWatch (spoiler : it was amazing and we thank you all❤).

🥈Second, integration

You know the drill, a months is not a good month if they’re is no integration on SonarWatch.

This month was led by Options Strategy protocols with 2 big names :

  • Friktion : we are still missing some tiny bits for it to be fully integrated but we’ve done 95% of the work and we are working with their team to making up to 100%!
  • Katana HQ : thanks to their team we managed to integrate them quickly

We also have integrated smaller protocols :

  • Saros : a Solana-based Unified Suite of DeFi Products with three fundamental building blocks: SarosSwap (AMM), SarosFarm (Pool), and SarosStake learn more
  • Soda : who creates permission less financial identity and provide financial services including lending and leveraged trading for Web 3.0 learn more
  • Only1 Staking : we now support the staking of $LIKE of Only1 platform
  • Investin : you can see the funds and amount you’ve invested in directly on SonarWatch!

We’ve also integrated a very popular type of protocol with Tribeca : the first Solana-based governance platform built by DAOs, for DAOs.

We support all current Tribeca DAO and any new to come!

🥉Third, interaction!

We took our first step into interactions with protocols by introducing direct staking of SOL through Marinade staking program, read more here

We will not stop here, more interactions will come along the way!

Forth, Mysteria Event! 🕵️‍♀️

We’ve co-sponsored the launch of a community event along with Marinade, Friktion, Saber and Jupiter with a prize pool of 15 $mSOL and 4,000 $SONAR! The game gathered more than 600 players from 60+ countries, read more here :

Some of you have tried to solve those highly complex puzzles and we got two winners from SonarWatch community :

  • 11th: meumeu66
  • 22nd: Rouxbarbe

Congrats to them, we hope you had fun solving those puzzles (and did not broke your head on the table trying to find the answers!).

As we enter the dark times of the bear market, we’ll keep on working hard to make the tool even better. The integrations will slow down a bit as less project will appear — we think — over the coming months. This will allow us to work on bigger improvements and also rework some parts of the tool.

Feel free to vote for the things you wish to see next implemented on SonarWatch!

Thank you again for your support, see you in Discord or in the next monthly update!

Stay tune on Twitter!

Sonar Team.




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