SonarWatch Monthly update 02.22

  1. Integrations
  2. Upgrades
  3. Collaborations
  4. PRO plan discussions

👷‍♀️ WE’RE HIRING 👷‍♂️

SonarWatch is looking for developers!

  • Seeking for a new project to join on Solana ecosystem (full or part time)
  • Preferred : In European time zones (UTC ± 3)

🥇First, integrations

As usual, every month comes with his lot of integrations to keep the pace with news protocols. This month was a bit less active than the last one but for a few good reasons (keep reading to know why!) :

  • Socean : Thanks to their team we were able to fastly integrate their streams system which is now fully live.
  • Isolated Pools & C Tokens(Solend) : with their freshly new products we had to quickly support this new type of lending assets proposed by Solend (Invictus, Step, Bonfida).
  • Parrot Stability Pools : we were missing the stability part of Parrot protocols, which is now supported.
  • Solana Name Services : this was a big missing piece on SonarWatch but you can now track a wallet simply by typing the Sol domain, here is a quick video example :

🥈Second, automations & tiny upgrades🤖

As a tracking protocol, it all comes down to what you can automate to save a huge amount of time in the long run.
Until few weeks ago, a lot of work was manually done like the following tasks:

  • Adding Raydium permission-less pools and farms
  • Adding Tulip farms

🥉Third, events and collaborations 🤝

This months was very interesting on the collaboration side with some projects helping us put some light on SonarWatch, to name a few :

  • added SonarWatch to the list of dashboards on DeFi

Finally, PRO discussions 💬

We ran a poll in our discord regarding the PRO plan on how to make it better for our users. We first asked to all our users if we should change the amount of tokens needed to enable PRO

  • The focus should be first on the content of PRO plan instead of the “cost” of it.
  • The PRO cost will be driven by the token price which should be driven by the functionalities behind it. A virtuous cycle.



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Sonar Watch

Sonar is a tracking tool on Solana Blockchain that aim to show on a single page the DeFi investments of a public address. More at