SonarWatch Monthly update 03.22

  1. Events
  2. Revenue streams
  3. Swap integrations

🥇First, Hiring & Missions 👷‍♂️

Yes, we are still hiring, but we now have a proper page dedicated to it :

🥈Second, Events 🥂

March was pretty intense in terms of events as we were present during the Hacker House at Prague organized by Rockaway and Solana

🥉Third, Revenue streams 💰

March was the kickoff for something very important for us, which we are very proud of : providing custom tracking solutions for project.

Last, new feature! 🆕

  • Quick all-to-stable feature — Request



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Sonar Watch

Sonar Watch

Sonar is a tracking tool on Solana Blockchain that aim to show on a single page the DeFi investments of a public address. More at