SonarWatch Monthly update 03.22

3 min readApr 5, 2022


Hiring, swaps, Hacker House, collaborations, revenue, let’s dive into a very interesting recap of March 2022 for SonarWatch.

  1. Hiring & Missions
  2. Events
  3. Revenue streams
  4. Swap integrations

🥇First, Hiring & Missions 👷‍♂️

Yes, we are still hiring, but we now have a proper page dedicated to it :

This is very important to us to be able to reach our goals for 2022 but also 2023, we’re looking for sharp minds ready to eat DeFi and NFTs from morning to sunset, to be able to help us on our journey and come work with us!

While waiting for the “perle rare”, we’ve release two bounties in partnership with SuperTeamDAO :

The quality that came out of all applicants were amazing and we are already working with one of the UI/UX designer to help us work on our next design!

🥈Second, Events 🥂

March was pretty intense in terms of events as we were present during the Hacker House at Prague organized by Rockaway and Solana

The whole week was crazy and super fun to live, we met a lot of incredible people from the Solana space creating amazing stuff for 2022. We also met some good project with whom we could collaborate in the future!

We also organized a Giveaway in partnership with Cropper and Zebec protocol! Giving to 10 lucky winners the possibility to be whitelisted for their IDO launched on Cropper launchpad.

Lastly, we’ve join Purple Analysis to discuss about the ecosystem, how we made Sonar successful and how we ended up building a dashboard for Solana!

🥉Third, Revenue streams 💰

March was the kickoff for something very important for us, which we are very proud of : providing custom tracking solutions for project.

As our solutions becomes more and more complex, we hold a very powerful technology on our hand which can be of high value for other project :

Be able to track the full scope of a wallet at any time throughout the complete Solana ecosystem

And we couldn’t be more happy when UXD team reach out to ask if we could help them track their treasury wallets, we are deeply thankful to their team to have put their trust in our team and our services!

Sonar is happy to provide all data presented in their dashboard :

This paved the way into something that will be the core of our business as we are already speaking with other projects to provide similar solutions in the future!
If you are a project and you need similar solutions :

Last, new feature! 🆕

One of the feature that will help to ease the journey of our user is now live thanks to Jupiter API : the swap!

This will also allow us to create more interaction and small tool on the platform which were asked by our community :

  • Quick swaps to prepare your funds for any pool/farm — Request
  • Quick all-to-stable feature — Request

See all request from our community here :

This will help us complete our main mission : make the DeFi available for everyone, from anywhere.

Thank you as always for you support 💜and see you on the platform!

Sonar Team.




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