SonarWatch Monthly update 04.22

3 min readMay 16, 2022


NFTs, hiring, integrations, shadow work for the future, V3 ?, April 2022 was a bit more quite than usual but the team is working on big chances for the end of the year!

  1. NFT Page rework 🎨
  2. Integrations
  3. Hiring 👨‍💼
  4. Future 🎯

🥇First, NFT Page rework 🎨

Few weeks ago we realized that our NFT page was not providing an experience good enough for our NFT lovers out there :

  • No NFT display for Multi-wallet
  • Only few collections supported for Floor Price display

Because of this, our NFT page was not very useful and not really used by our users to track their NFT portfolio value.
We’ve decided to change this by doing two things :

  • Collaborate with MagicEden to provide floor price for every single collections listed on their website
  • Add support for Multi-wallet view for NFTs
Small mistake here, the correct link is

Bonus : we also support the special Marinda Chefs NFT by showing their MNDE value :

This resulted on a much better experience but we don’t plan on stopping here, check out the “Future” section to know what we’ve been working on!

🥈Second, as always : Integrations ⚡

Integrations are the core of our business and is the best way to stay competitive and attrack more users each day, here is the list of April integrations:

  • DeGods : we’ve added support for one of the biggest collection of Solana by showing the staked DeGods but also pending $DUST in the dashboard.
  • Solvent : all tokens from Solvent protocols are now supported on Sonar
  • Hubble : every positions on Hubble are now shown in the dashboard (Staking, Loans, Stability)
  • Jet Staking : you can now see your staked $JET for their governance program, on Sonar.
  • UXP Staking : track your staked UXP from UXD protocol
  • Orca Whirlpools : you can can now see your Whirlpools positions on Sonar on the collectibles page (we plan on moving it to the dashboard ASAP).
  • Mercurial Dynamic Yield : we’ve added support for Mercurial new product by showing you the amount deposited in their program.

🥉Third, Hiring (again)

This past weeks, we’ve been testing some new junior devs to help us work on our product and maintain a good speed of integration!

If you’re a young developer seeking for a nice project to dive into, contact us at : and send over your resume!

We’d be happy to chat and see if we could work together!

🎯Last (but not least) future …

Two big things are cooking in the backstage of Sonar and we wanted to show you some progress we made on those topics:

  • New design 🆕

The V2 is only 6 months old but it feels decade in the crypto space, back in the time we didn’t had the resources available to work with a designer to create a website with a sharp and shinny design, but now is the time and we can’t wait to release this new version that is not ready yet, but show big promises!

To tease you a little bit, and thanking you for reading this article so far, here is one screenshot of small changes we made for the next version (we don’t want to spoil everything 😉)

We will make our best to include the maximum amount of suggestions you made here : to come up with new version that answers some of your biggest requests!

  • Public/Private API 🔗

We started to work on providing services for project with UXD collaboration last month (Read more here), but we are now taking this to another step by working on something more structured and easier for us to setup, with dedicated tools to monitor and measure.

This solution will be tested with some partners first and then released/announce publicly so that every project out there can test the solution and reach out if they need full access to this service.

We will have different plans for different needs and project size!

Stay tuned!

Thank you as always for you support 💜and see you on the platform!

Sonar Team.




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