SonarWatch Monthly update 12.21

4 min readDec 23, 2021


One month after the launch of the V2 and the introduction of the PRO plan, we’ve learned a few things, improved many, and planned a lot for 2022.

SonarWatch V2 : success !

We knew that this new version would change the quality of our product in many ways but your feedback was amazing and we didn’t think it would impact this much your daily usage of Sonar!

But the release was not as perfect as we wanted it to be, few mistakes were made :

  • We were still missing some important data in the dashboard : APR, Pending Rewards, Details on LP tokens.
    Lesson learned : do not remove features that users like! Obvious right?
    How to fix : we quickly brought back those data
    Results :
    users happy :)
  • We were late in the integration of many new protocols therefore missing some important positions for our users.
    Lesson learned : ship new integration fast is key!
    How to fix :
    we’ve recruited a new developer dedicated to integrations
    Results :
    Apricot, Francium, Synthetify, Jet Protocol, Aurory Staking and Invictus Bonds are all supported now. (more to come)

Ship only

We’ve always been a Product First team and we will continue to be for 2022 because our mission is to bring you the best possible tool to help you on your DeFi journey.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of all upgrades shipped since 22nd Nov. :

  • Full protocol integration : Apricot (Tweet), Francium (Tweet), Synthetify (Tweet), Jet Protocol (Tweet).
  • Support for Invictus Bonds, Aurory Staking (unlocked and locked) and Bonfida Staking.
  • Introduction of where you can easily recover some SOL from each Serum pending assets.
    The Serum team was looking for a tool like this and we were happy to help them provide their users with such a tool.
  • Introduction of to gather all your feedback and amazing ideas for our product. This has a huge value for us, please go check it out to help us build the product you use daily!
  • Cropper, Orca and Raydium Pools & Farm launched (SONAR-USDC).
  • We’ve also had some nice and funny discussions during AMA and podcasts with different teams of the ecosystem!

2k22 here we come!

To be more transparent on what we are building, we’ve also added a roadmap on our support tool

Task planned and currently being worked on at SonarWatch

With it, a new channel #dev-update on our Discord to give our discord members some visibility on what’s happening on our side.

Bot notification after completion of Bonfida Staking

We will also try to post monthly updates to keep you informed on what we’ve done in a month and what’s next to come!

Next year will be huge for us as we will start to work on something very important : direct interaction with protocols on SonarWatch. This can be a game changer for users to allow them to do most of their investment management directly on Sonar.

The first step will be the integration of a Swap system to help our users easily set up their funds when they need to enter in a farm or a pool, when this will be ready we will start working on simple integrations (staking on Marinade for instance) and then adding bigger protocol interaction on top of that.

In addition we also had some nice ideas to improve the content of the platform, trying to add some news/update of the ecosystem and alerts, giving some lights to small projects we think are building really cool stuff, adding more data and analytics for you to rightly choose the farm that fulfill your needs or finding the best existing rates.

Stay tuned in 2022!

🎄Happy Christmas holidays 🎄

The Sonar team whishes you a happy end of year, we hope 2k21 was good for you and 2k22 to be even better! Keep your family safe and healthy, and share nice vibes with people around you.

Thank you again for the love and support ❤

Sonar Team.




SonarWatch is a tracking dashboard on multiple blockchains that aims to show on a single page all financial investments of a user. More at