Sonar Watch wraps up his fundraise

4 min readOct 19, 2021


With the aim to become the reference in portfolio tracking and ecosystem summary, Sonar Watch has now the capacity to reach those goal with the help of strategic partners.

After spending 7 months in the Solana DeFi, integrating many protocols and trying to provide the best user experience possible, we wanted to push the tool to new limits with many ideas we had since the beginning.
Those ideas will enhance the possibility for users to manage their assets in a more friendly and easy way.

In order to achieve that, we needed more people in the team to be able to cope with the growing speed of Solana. The current team was able to integrate/support new protocols only because we had one single goal

Track as much protocols as possible, as fast as possible.

But from now on, we want to be more than a basic tracking dashboard.

Our Partners

For this to happen we needed help from partners that could help us grow, evolve and push the project to another stage.

We have chosen many key partners to help us build the tracking tool of tomorrow. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

SVC: We can’t thank enough their team for helping us since the start of our journey. They were one of the first team to reach out and gave priceless strategic advices along the way, alongside great partnerships. We share the same thesis of the SkyVision team in helping grow the Solana ecosystem.

“We saw the huge growth potential of Solana being another dominant ecosystem due to its speed and low transaction costs. Consumer friendly data analytic tools were, however, the missing piece for mainstream adoption.
SkyVision is proud to support Sonar Watch, an innovative data analytics tool that completes this ‘missing gap’ in the Solana ecosystem by enabling users to track their digital assets and performance on yield farms & liquidity pools across all Solana based protocols in a user-friendly and seamless manner.”

Serum: In order to enhance the possibilities in Sonar, adding micro-transaction was mandatory to achieve that. Serum will help us by providing technical support for all Serum based technology and will be a long-term partners for the future.

“Data analytics for traders and users within Solana is an important area of investment for this young sub-subsector. Sonar Watch allows users to track their DeFi portfolios using their public key. Sonar Watch are passionate about improving UX for DeFi on Solana. This is a great project and team and we’re excited to be building together in this ecosystem”

GenBlock: Their experience and knowledge in crypto industry will help the team in strategic decisions. We are proud to be part of their Solana portfolio!

“Sonar is building a foundational set of tools allowing for efficient capital management within the Solana ecosystem. We see an exceptional product-market fit for Sonar’s product suite and are personally using their intuitive dashboard to support our own activities. We’re looking forward to seeing further development from the team as they work towards easing out common issues faced by those participating in Solana DeFi.”

MXC / / Huobi Global: Exchanges are important for visibility and to onboard new users. With their strong Chinese community, MXC and Gate will allow more users to discover Sonar and also provide listing for the token.

Parsiq: Parsiq will be a technical partners to create advance features around Sonar such as alerting systems by using their technology to connect blockchain to real-world application (i.e Telegram for instance)

“Sonar has been listening to customer feedback, delivering updates, and has earned an excellent reputation. They align with our mission to build tools offering rich data to Solana users. This — combined with the ability to ship features at incredible speed — made investing in the Sonar team a no-brainer.”

Koji Capital: We are happy to become the first investment on Solana ecosystem for Koji’s team! They will be great advisors for the long vision of Sonar to push again the tool to new areas.

“Koji is proud to be partners with Sonar. The Koji team is inherently attracted to their grass roots approach to growth and uncompromising pursuit of cultivating community. In solving for a problem the team personally faced and bootstrapping their product from the ground up, Sonar already has an innately symbiotic dynamic between its product and the community. A natural extension of the Solana ecosystem, Sonar will enrich user experience by offering a dashboard that gives community members a holistic view of their positions with the functionality to aggregate transaction data from even the most esoteric tokens and farms.”

& Others: We want to thank all of our partners for their supports during this fundraise. We have been really amazed by the amount of great feedbacks we received from all of them but also their enthusiast in being part of this new journey.

From now on, we can focus on two things :

  • Grow the team
  • Push the tool to new horizons

Stay tuned on Medium, Twitter and Discord!

Sonar Team.




SonarWatch is a tracking dashboard on multiple blockchains that aims to show on a single page all financial investments of a user. More at