Sonar Watch
Sonar is a tracking tool on Solana Blockchain that aim to show on a single page the DeFi investments of a public address. More at

With the closing of the fundraising and the new upcoming version of the tool, it’s time to present and explain how we will use $SONAR token in our ecosystem but also what is our vision for the future of Sonar Watch alongside what we want to bring to Solana ecosystem.

With the aim to become the reference in portfolio tracking and ecosystem summary, Sonar Watch has now the capacity to reach those goal with the help of strategic partners.

After spending 7 months in the Solana DeFi, integrating many protocols and trying to provide the best user experience possible, we…

This article will be the first of a long journey and will kick off our communication campaign to share our vision and goal for Sonar in the coming months/years.

We’ve mainly use Twitter and Discord to communicate with you (our users) so far but we think it is time to…

Sonar Watch

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